T-shirt • 12 May 2008

Brand new Jotunspor T-shirt available now!

You can order it from the Fimbulljod Shop. It is also possible to buy the shirt together with the ‘Gleipnirs smeder’ PIC LP for a discounted price.

‘Gleipnirs smeder’ LP and PIC LP out now • 16 Mar. 2008

The long-awaited vinyl version of ’Gleipnirs smeder’ is out now via Temple of Darkness Records. You can order it from the Fimbulljod Shop now!

More reviews • 27 Oct. 2006

Added lots of new reviews. Read »

‘Gleipnirs smeder’ released in USA • 01 Aug. 2006

Jotunspor's debut album ‘Gleipnirs smeder’ was released in USA on July 25th by Candlelight Records USA.


Reviews • 24 Jul. 2006

‘Gleipnirs smeder’ has been well received by critics and fans alike. Click here to read reviews from Metal Hammer, Terrorizer, Synthesis etc.